With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s so important we also consider the greatest mum of all time, Mother Nature. You or your wonderful mama wouldn’t exist without her. Yet here she lies, drowning in plastic and being hacked at from all corners. With this in mind, alongside all the other damage going on in the world, it’s only fair to say that she is indeed in need of some love and appreciation this Mother’s Day too. She’s deserves a foot rub, a football field of flowers, or at the very least, our kind consideration when choosing what to buy. And there are so many goodies to gift that tick a more sustainable box. Here’s four of our favourites! 

Wild Rose Body Wash - Weleda

You can get it from most pharmacies! So easy for last minute gifts. This soft pink wash smells so delicious and is certified natural, ethically sourced, and contains no nasties. Many other body products contain crappy ingredients that our bodies don’t need or particularly like. These particles are often so small they go unfiltered through our pipes and off into the ocean where they become pollutants. Lingering in our seas and entering the food chain. This body wash has none of that. Every woman in my family has this in her shower, including me – highly recommend.

Sustainable jewellery - Holly Ryan 

An array of silver or gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all beautifully hand crafted using upcycled materials. “Holly Ryan is a mission-driven company, using our brand as a platform to help people and planet.” Inspiration is drawn from art and the endless muse that is nature to create pieces that are timeless. And they minimise their impact where ever they can - you can even send in your own old jewellery, regardless of where it came from, in exchange for store credit so they may upcycle it in support of closing the loop. So many good aspects over here!

DIY Crotchet Tote Bag – Wool & the Gang

For all the crafty mums out there, this one’s for them! A DIY crochet kit. Make your own tote bag, cute homeware basket, or even a dainty sun hat. Wool and the gang are all about slow fashion and getting you involved in the process. Each kit comes with everything you need - a who doesn’t need another beach/grocery tote bag? One that mum can boast she made herself. And this crotchet friendly yarn is made with 100% wood fibre - light, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Organic Tea – Pukka

You can’t really go wrong with tea – unless your mum is one of the rarities that dislikes a hot cuppa. And what’s wonderful about the Pukka range is that each box has its own colourful design, almost like they’re gift wrapped. A burst of life perched among other boxes of tea and coffee. And Pukka play their part well – all herbs are ethically sourced, they have a certified carbon neutral footprint, they’re fair trade, participate in one percent for the plant, and are a certified B corp. With a large range of teas to choose from, Womankind is a nice Mother’s Day sipper with organic cranberry, rose, and sweet vanilla. You can find Pukka teas at health stores and some supermarkets.

We hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day this Sunday and we thank you Mother Nature for all you have given birth to too.

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