Earlier this week I got to catch up with Belinda Everingham, the founder and owner of Bondi Wash. We chatted about what we love about Bondi and how she is now one of many Bondi Green Entrepreneurs (alongside Bondi Bandits of course!)

Hey Belinda, thank you so much for taking the time with us today. What did you get up to during festive season?

Just some lovely family time on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne and lazy days working slowly in January.

That sounds wonderful. Now about Bondi Wash: when did you decide to start this business? And what gave you the inspiration for using Australian Botanicals?

Back in 2012 I was in Far North Queensland on holiday surrounded by native trees I’d never heard of, like Quandong and Kakadu plum.  I was reading the book Perfume by Patrick Suskind. It’s about one man’s quest for the perfect scent, set in Paris and Grasse. I’ve always loved fragrance and have spent time in both places.  I started wondering whether we could create products and fragrances from our native flora, just like the French have been doing for centuries.

We love that you have included Bondi in the name of your brand! How has Bondi influenced your business.

I live and work in Bondi. It’s such an uplifting place to be.  And it’s not just the spectacular coastline, it’s also the native trees that line the streets and it’s the people.  It’s an eclectic, grounded, interesting, dog-loving and friendly community.

And you. How has Bondi influenced your lifestyle. What do you love most about living so close to the beach?

It is hard not to lead a healthy lifestyle here.  Although Bondi is close to the city and traffic is terrible, life is a lot like a permanent beach holiday here being able to walk to the beach for a dip.  Even just the smell of salt air is healing.

What has been the most exciting moment watching your Bondi Wash grow. Was there a moment where you felt that “this is bigger than I dreamed it would be.”

Well there were many to be honest.  It’s a journey of highs and lows. The first high was when Vogue magazine asked for our product images before we had even launched.  More recently we have had some European enquiries that we are excited about. But no, there was never a moment when I felt it was bigger than my dreams…my dreams are big ☺.

And finally, what Instagram should we follow, and can we follow Roger the Dog!

@rogerfurry and @thegarylife are our brand ambassadors leading wonderfully pampered lives!

@bondiwash will give you product and info on ingredients and botanicals and life in Bondi.

@bondiwashdogs shares the woes of dogs around the world subjected to our dog grooming range.

Thank you, Belinda, for a lovely chat and those great answers.

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